Childrens' Section


04/04/2021 - Mary Okoro


He is Risen


28/03/2021 - Luke Stratton


Palm Sunday -The Easter Story so Far


14/03/2021 - Evas


Remembering What Jesus Has Done

Luke 22:15-20


07/03/2021 - Tracey York


The King Rides In

Matthew Ch.21 vs.1-11


28/02/2021 - Shaton Ellison


The Lost Sheep


14/02/2021 - Helen Stratton


Jesus - Blessing The Children

Mark 10:13-16


07/02/2021 - Luke Stratton


Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Luke 11:1-4


17/01/2021 - Mary Okoro


Give Us and Forgive Us

Luke 11:1-4


31/01/2021 - Marcus Clarke


The Lord's Prayer pt2

Your Kingdom Come Your Will Be Done


17/01/2021 - Charlie Tait


“Receiving by Faith” or “God’s Delivery System”

Youth Message


10/01/2021 - Helen Stratton

The Lord’s Prayer

Part 1

Our Father in Heaven


22/11/2020 - Helen Stratton

The Christmas Story - Part 1



08/11/2020 - Luke Stratton




01/11/2020 - Helen Stratton

The Precious Pearl

Matthew 13:45-46



25/10/2020 - Helen Stratton

The Sword Of The Spirit And The Shield Of Faith

Epesians 6:16-17



11/10/2020 - Mary Okoror

The Shoess Og Good News

Epesians 6:15



04/10/2020 - Marcus Clarke

The Helmet Of salvation And The Breastplate Of Righteousness



20/09/2020 - Sharon Ellison

The Belt Of Truth

Ephesians 6:14



13/09/2020 - Luke Stratton

The Armour Of God - With Maximus

Ephesians 6:10-18



06/09/2020 - Kids Talk

Jesus Is Super Powerful


30/08/2020 - Sharon Ellison

Children's Talk - Self Control

How Do We Pray?


Mary Okoror



Tracey York

Faith - like Peter


Helen Stratton

Patience - Trusting God While We Wait


Abi Heath

What Is Goodness?


Sharon Ellison

Joy and Peace


Sarah Williams

Creating a Psalm


Click on the picture at the side to access a document showing images of the Easter story that can be coloured in by your children.  Underneath is a space for you or your child to explain what is happening in the picture.

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