This week



Youth Bible Study – 6pm-7pm


Adult Bible Study – 7.15pm gather 7.30pm Start (Zoom)


New Spring Harvest Study: Church – What we Can Learn from Acts



Prayer meeting – 7pm (Zoom)



Youth prayer meeting 7pm on FB Messenger



VE Day celebrations 8th May



Praying Together - Churches Together Prayer 9am – 10am Saturday 9th May (Zoom) 



Communion Service - 10:15am gather for 10:30am start (Zoom)


Zoom Links

The Zoom Link for every All-Age Meeting is now the same. I.E. One reusable link for every Sunday Service, Bible Study and Prayer Meeting.


The Zoom link for Youth Meetings is also reusable.


Zoom Invites and Names

Feel free to invite people you know and trust and to share the link with them. Stress they must not post the link anywhere public or share it with others without checking first.


Tell Chris who will be joining the meeting and make sure you and they use actual names when joining

Get involved!


More volunteers

We are always looking for enthusiastic people to worship with us.

Find out how to get involved by contacting us at:


James Street Church

James Street

LE67 3BX

Tel: 01530 817061


Or use our online Contact form.